Abuja agency floats shea butter processing plants

In line with the economic diversification agenda of the Federal Government and value creation in local products, an Abuja Enterprise Agency has set up Shea butter plants to process the product. Its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Arabi Muhammed Tukur represented by the Principal Manager of the company, Chudi Ezirigwe, said the plant is aimed at supporting the processing of the products towards meeting the requirements for export. Speaking during an intersection with journalists in Abuja recently, he said, the agency had identified some programmes that are beneficial to women and youths. “We have special programmes that capture different activities of people such as women and youth,” he said.

“We have set up a Shea butter processing plant, which we are working on expanding with a view to producing grade A Shea butter for export. We also have the cassava processing centre in Kwali area council.” Meeting He explained that the agency has a lot of programs aimed at reducing the level of unemployment in the country. For instance, he said that a one stop shop has been opened by the government in the agency to support the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.